Program Tracks in Physics at Rockhurst University

We have several flexible physics tracks which give students very strong preparation in physics, tailored to the needs and professional aspirations of our students.

Read an overview, including course requirements, about our physics majors and minors.

Physics of Medicine

The Physics of Medicine Major track is our most popular physics track. This is excellent preparation for students interested in Physical Therapy Graduate School (DPT), Medical School (MD), Physicians Assistant (PA) School, or entering graduate programs in prosthetics or other related health careers. The curriculum is integrated with other courses in the Physics Department and at Rockhurst, and is strongly interdisciplinary, with particular emphasis on conceptual understanding. Course Information

Biomedical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering Major track is perfect for students planning on continuing to biomedical engineering or bioengineering graduate school, medical physics graduate school, medical school, prosthetics school or heading to a career in industry. It is composed of a mixture of engineering courses and Physics of Medicine courses. The curriculum is composed of courses with both a conceptual and quantitative emphasis. Course Information

Physics Major

The Pure and Applied physics track is perfect for students with interests in general physics and engineering. It is perfect preparation for students considering Physics graduate school, careers in patent law, high school science teaching, graduate school in engineering, or a career that prepares you for complex, quantitative problem solving and allows you a wide range of possible career paths. Course Information