Date Pre-Class Reading Topic/Materials Due
14-Jan No Reading Example 12.2
1-D Kinematics
16-Jan 12.1-12.2
12.3 (2 reading assignments!)
1-D Kinematics, Graphs
Example 12.6
Kinematic Graphs
21-Jan 12.4-12.6 3-D Kinematics, projectile motion
Example 12.9
3D Kinematics Worksheet
23-Jan 12.7 Normal and Tangential Components
Example 12.14
Normal Tangential Acceleration Worksheet
HW01 Due 11:59pm
28-Jan 12.8 Cylindrical Coordinates
Example 12.19
Cylindrical Coordinates worksheet
Quiz 1: F12-28, F12-29, F12-30, F12-31
30-Jan No Reading More Cylindrical Coordinates HW02 Due 11:59pm
4-Feb 12.9-12.10 1-D Dependent Motion
Problem 12-210
Example 12.21
Dependent Motion Worksheet
HW03 Due 11:59pm
6-Feb No Reading Exam 1
11-Feb 13.1-13.4 Forces in Rectangular Coordinates
Example 13.3
Forces in xyz worksheet
13-Feb 13.5 Forces Normal and Tangential Coordinates
Example 13.7
Forces in Normal/Tangential Coords Worksheet
HW04 Due 11:59pm
18-Feb 13.6 Forces in Cylindrical Coordinates
Example 13.10
Forces in Cylindrical Coordinates
20-Feb No Reading Quiz 2: F13-7, F13-8, F13-10, F13-11
25-Feb No Reading Normal/Tangential and Cylindrical Forces Extra Practice HW05 Due 11:59pm
27-Feb No Reading Cylindrical Forces Worksheet II
3-Mar No Reading HW06 Due 11:59pm
5-Mar No Reading Worksheet Solutions Exam 2
10-Mar No Classes - Spring Break
12-Mar No Classes - Spring Break
17-Mar 14.1-14.3 Pre-class reading Video
14.1-14.3 Lecture Video
Work-Energy Worksheet
Work-Energy Solutions
19-Mar 14.4 14.4 Reading Questions
14.4 Lecture Video
Example 14.7
Example 14.8
Power/Efficiency Worksheet
Power/Efficiency Solutions
24-Mar 14.5-14.6 14.5-14.6 Reading Questions
14.5-14.6 Energy Lecture Video
14.5-14.6 Example 14.10 Video
14.5-14.6 Energy Worksheet
14.5-14.6 Energy Solutions
Work-Force-Energy Theoretical Connections (optional)
HW07 Due 11:59pm
26-Mar 15.1-15.2 15.1-15.2 Reading Questions
15.1-15.2 Momentum-Impulse Lecture Notes Video
15.1-15.2 Example 15.2
Impulse Worksheet
Impulse Solutions
Quiz 3: F14-1, F14-3, F14-10, F14-11
Quiz will be on MasteringEngineering and will be timed at 30 minutes. You can take it anytime between 11:59pm Wednesday, March 25th, to 11:59pm Thursday, March 26th. The 30 minutes time limit begins as soon as you open the quiz. If you have a time conflict please let me know. Quiz is open-book but must be completed on your own, with no help from your classmates. Email me a picture of your written work after you take the quiz to qualify for partial credit. (not several days later...)
31-Mar 15.3 15.3 Reading Questions
15.3 Momentum Conservation Lecture Video
Example 15.6
Conservation of Momentum Worksheet
Conservation of Momentum Solutions
HW08 Due 11:59pm
2-Apr 15.5-15.7 15.5-15.6 Reading Questions
15.5-15.6 Angular Momentum/Impulse Lecture
15.5-15.6 Angular Momentum/Impulse Example 15.13
15.5-15.6 Angular Momentum/Impulse Worksheet
15.5-15.6 Angular Momentum/Impulse Solutions
Quiz 4: F15-4, F15-5, F15-8, F15-9
30 minute timed quiz in Mastering Engineering, opens 11:59pm April 1st, closes April 2nd at 11:59pm.
HW09 Due 11:59pm
7-Apr 16.1-16.3 16.1-16.3 Reading Questions
16.1-16.3 Rotation, Fixed Axis Lecture Notes
16.1-16.3 Example F16-6
16.1-16.3 Rotation, Fixed Axis Examples
16.1-16.3 Rotation, Fixed Axis Solutions
HW10 Due 11:59pm
9-Apr 16.4 16.4 Reading Questions
16.4 Absolute Motion Analysis Lecture and example
16.4 Absolute Motion Analysis Worksheet
16.4 Absolute Motion Analysis Solutions
14-Apr No Reading Exam 3 (Ch 14-15)
Exam 3 is on MasteringEngineering Exam opens 13th April 11:59pm, closes at 14th April 11:59pm
Exam is 9 questions similar to those in Homeworks 07, 08, 09, 10. It will take about 45min to 2hr30min. There is no time limit except the 24 hour window to take it.
16-Apr 16.5 16.5 Reading Questions
16.5 Relative Velocity Lecture and Examples
16.5 Relative Velocity Example 16.6
16.5 Relative Velocity Engine Example
16.5 Relative Motion Velocity Worksheet
16.5 Relative Motion Velocity Solutions
21-Apr 16.6 16.6 Reading Questions
16.6 IC Lecture Notes and Examples
16.6 IC Example 16.9
16.6 IC Example 16.10
16.6 Instantaneous Center of Zero Velocity Worksheet
16.6 Instantaneous Center of Zero Velocity Solutions
HW11 Due 11:59pm
23-Apr No Reading

28-Apr 16.7 16.7 Reading Questions
16.7 Relative Motion Acceleration Lecture
16.7 Relative Motion Acceleration Example 16.13
16.7 Relative Motion Acceleration Example 16.14
16.7 Relative Motion Acceleration Example 16.15
16.7 Relative Velocity Acceleration Worksheet
16.7 Relative Velocity Acceleration Solutions
30-Apr No Reading

Quiz 5: F16-6, F16-7, F16-8, F16-14
HW12 Due May 7th, 11:59pm
12-May Final Exam (MasteringEngineering) Due Tuesday, May 12th
HARD DEADLINE for ALL COURSEWORK of May 12th, 11:59pm
No work may be submitted past this date