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Rockhurst Physics

Innovative teaching, individual research opportunities, nationally recognized innovative curriculum, and faculty who know you. Changing student lives one student at a time with a modern view of Physics to take you where you want to go.

Three Program Major Tracks

Physics of Medicine

What are they physical principles that govern how the cardiovascular system works? What are the strengths of ultrasound imaging over MRI? Learn through an integrated, interdisciplinary, hands-on curriculum funded by the National Science Foundation that will give you a significant advantage for your future health career! This major track is designed for students wishing to enter graduate programs in medical school, physical therapy, veterinary studies, physician’s assistant programs, pharmacy, optometry, prosthetics/orthotics among other options.

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Biomedical Engineering

Thinking of prosthetics? Or working on medical devices? For students interested in a quantitative picture of how the body works, or exploring a career developing medical devices. This major track is designed for students wishing to enter graduate school in Medical Physics, Biomechanics, Bioengineering among other options.

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Pure and Applied Physics

Build an electric motor, and understand how it works. Construct an audio amplifier from basic components. Explore the physics behind radioactive age-dating, or what's behind a scanning electron microscope. Enter industry with critical thinking, communication and technical skills, or pursue graduate study in engineering, physics, astronomy, atmospheric science, among other options.

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